Eating Well Part 2 

&quot:I think everybody wants to cut costs more these days…so I’d be interested in that, and how to be more efficient, i think, that would be great.&quot:
Amber small has two hundred dollars to spend on groceries for 6 people…
And she’s looking for any way to help her family eat well on a budget…
Some supermarkets, like Hannafords, run programs like the guiding stars program, to help folks identify healthy foods…
They even have registered dieticians on hand to help with their shopping….
Small says she looks for store name brands, and unit pricing when she shops…
But Kate Yerxa, from the University of Maine’s Cooperative Extension program, says there are other things small could be doing to help cut her overall costs….
&quot:If you’re working with a family who is trying to save money on food, it seems like an overwhelming task, initially….but if you break it down in to steps, it can be very manageable.&quot:
&quot:One is to really identify the budget you’re working with.&quot:
&quot:The next step would be to plan your meals….what are you planning on having and usually its easiest to plan your largest meal first.&quot:
&quot:What’s on sale what stores do you normally shop at and sometimes it can be beneficial to look at other stores to kind of compare prices.&quot:
&quot:What foods did you make for your larger meal that you can have as sort of a planned over meal or what parts do you know you’ll have a lot of extra of, and how can you incorporate that in to your meal plan so you’re gonna stretch your food dollars&quot:
And most importantly, try to come up with a list before you go shopping….
&quot:Stick to your list….because it can be really easy to find those impulse items.&quot:
Getting creative with what you buy can also save you money…..
&quot:Its absolutely ok to purchase canned or frozen foods…that can be a good way to make sure you’re getting the right amount of fruits and vegetables every day.&quot:
And freezing fresh produce can help stretch out what you buy….
&quot:That’s a good way to preserve the harvest and make those fresh fruits go longer, and enjoy them.&quot:
&quot:Buying in bulk is a great thing, and it sounds like you have the storage capacity to do that…and its also important if you buy in bulk to make sure you read the dates that the food will expire.&quot:
If you buy in bulk, Yerxa says it’s important to store the food correctly….
&quot:Purchase food products, dairies, fruits and vegetables…so this will help you stretch those bulk items that you purchase. great!&quot:
With a little bit of time and planning, you can save some extra money, and manage to eat well on a budget, too.
&quot:Even those small things will help make the transition a little bit easier—its very doable!&quot: