WABI Signal Problems on DirecTV 

A number of DirecTV local channel subscribers have contacted us concerning the quality of our signal on the service. Specific concerns are audio-video synch (sound not matching with picture) and technical &quot:glitches&quot: in the signal.

Our investigation has revealed that DirecTV is the source of the problem. Members ofDirecTV’s technical staff indicate that they know that a particular piece of their equipment is causing the problem. They apparently have no specific plan to remedy it soon, however, as the problem continues.

According to these DirecTV staff members,TV5 is not alone in this issue, which is affecting a handful of stations across the country. We are, unfortunately, bearing the problem alone in Bangor, which has led to some misinformation that the problem is with our originating signal. It is not. DirecTV’s staff has admitted that much.

We contacted DirecTV’s officesin Los Angeles to request faster action, but have yet to receive an adequate response to the request.

We also asked them to inform their Customer Service representatives that the problem was theirs, not ours. Apparently, that has not taken place, as we understand that the reps are still referring callers to us.

We urge you to express your concern directly to them, and to not be dissuaded by contrary information you may receive from any specific DirecTV representative.