Hofland Speaks in Court 

Those charges include kidnapping, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, and burglary.

Hofland is accused of holding nine students hostage at Stockton Springs Elementary School last week.

Hofland kept his eyes squinted shut during much of the court proceedings.

Prosecutors asked, and a judge agreed, to set bail at $250,000 cash for the school incident. An additional bail of $50,000 was set for the events that transpired the night of October 23rd, when authorities say Hofland pointed a gun at a Searsport Police officer, during a seatbelt safety check.

Hofland requested that he be kept at the Waldo County Jail, saying it would be easier for his attorney and visiting family members to see him.

He told the judge it &quot:Shouldn’t be a great disability upon Waldo County to house me, for at least some time.&quot:

Hofland also told the court, as well as assembled press, that the media was mis-portraying his case, telling reporters waiting outside the courtroom to &quot:get your facts right&quot: though he failed to elaborate.