Brewer Public Safety Building Part 2 

Sarah Komuniecki joined the president from the construction company that’s building the new Public Safety Building in Brewer, and city officials, on this emotional journey.

Hangar 17 at JFK International Airport is closed to the public. The pieces the group from Brewer brought back offer a small glimpse of what was left after 9-11.

&quot:The notion of letting institutions and other entities have steel from the hangar is actually something that we haven’t really done much before.&quot:

The idea was so new, the Port Authority had no process to follow. But, at the request of Kard Ward of local firm Nickerson and O’Day, decided to give the pieces to the people of Brewer as a gift.

&quot:To be a part of choosing what items to bring back…it’s an honor.&quot:

The piece they chose for the fire station was the one that caught their eye first…18 feet of twisted steel…the damage to it…clear.

&quot:I think it’ll be a good reminder every day, coming in and having something remind us of why we’re doing what we’re doing.&quot:

A reminder of what the men and women of public safety had to deal with on that day.

&quot:Putting myself in my mind in their shoes, what they were thinking and going through…and how a lot of them were there to try and save lives and ended up sacrificing theirs because of it.&quot:

They also chose a smaller piece for the police and fire museum, to be housed in the new Brewer Public Safety building.

The beams then took a long, slow trip home to their final resting place…greeted by a heroes welcome, flanked by local public safety officials, back in Brewer.

&quot:I’m really awestruck by the whole thing. It’s really moving and it touches a part of us that…it’s very hard to put into words.&quot:

&quot:Once the crowds clear…our structural engineers will engage in an effort to see how we will fit this into the architecture of the building – it will be done respectfully, and in a spirit of preservation, and honoring those who fell on 9-11.&quot:

The ribbon cutting for the new Brewer Public Safety Building will be on November 7th.