Brewer Public Safety Building Part 1 

The President of the firm that constructed the building and Brewer Public Safety Officials brought the pieces home from New York Wednesday.

TV5 Reporter Sarah Komuniecki joined them for the trip.

Many artifacts from 9-11 are being stored in an airplane hangar at John F Kennedy Airport.

We traveled with the group from Brewer to that facility. It turned out to be an emotional journey.

In an ordinary looking building through an unmarked door. There is what once was.

&quot:When 9-11 occurred the port authority and other agencies understood the catastrophic nature but also the historic nature of 9-11, so the decision was that something should be saved out of it.&quot:

What was saved is less than one half of one percent of the debris from that day in an 80-thousand square foot hangar in New York. The consultant for the preservation of those artifacts showed the three men from Brewer through the facility.

&quot:It just hits hard, sitting there thinking when these guys – I can’t imagine standing there looking at these towers as they’re on fire and planes are crashing and people are screaming and the chaos – where do you start&quot:

Sergeant Richard Smith and Captain Brent Melvin said the part that hit hardest was one of the many areas we were asked not to show on camera. It housed what’s left of rescue vehicles destroyed by the falling towers.

&quot:In there there’s a certain feeling and smell and totality because you’re enclosed in this tent so it’s nothing but vehicles. So it’s a little overpowering and unlike steel, which is a little remote, these are vehicles you can relate to.&quot:

&quot:Probably some of the folks that showed up in those trucks didn’t leave…that really bothered me. Because that could happen at any time to any one of us.&quot:

Then it was time to select the steel beams they would bring home. To be memorialized in Brewer’s new Public Safety Building.

An idea borne last January by Karl Ward, President of the firm who built it.

&quot:Even though the WTC came down, we were resurrecting and we were building a new fire station for the citizens of Brewer so it seemed entirely appropriate, so we started making some phone calls.&quot:

They had to make months and months of those phone calls before the port authority approved the gift.

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