Healthy Dog treats 

One man from Stockton Springs is doing his part and helping local farmers at the same time.

Sharon Pelletier tells us about Barkwheat Biscuits…..

&lt:Chris Roberts has always loved food,

&quot:I was always making brownies, cookies and bread all these things i shouldn’t be eating.&quot:

so one day he decided to bake for the two dogs he rescued.

This is Baxter. You won’t see Bean, she’s kind of camera shy.

Soon Chris was handing out his biscuit creation to friends, who actually wanted to buy them for their canines.

&quot:I thought these people like them, the dogs are loving them,&quot:

why not start a business. That’s how Barkwheat Biscuits was born in November 2007.

And these aren’t your typical treats. They’re made from buckwheat, which isn’t a grain, it’s a berry.

And most of the other ingredients, from the honey to the parsley, are made and grown by local farmers.

And even though one of his ingredients, ginger, can’t be grown here, he works with an organization that pairs him up with a farmer in Central America.

&quot:We’re gonna be working directly with a family farm down there to grow our ginger, which no way can ginger be grown in maine but we can at least work with a family to make sure they are paid a good wage for what they’re making&quot:

The point is, Chris knows exactly what goes into each one of his dog biscuits, and the packaging is environmentally friendly.

Chris knows these days a healthy product with earth friendly details that supports small farms is a good recipe for business, but that’s not why he does this.

&quot:We do it just because that’s the way we live our lives and we think that’s the way everybody should lead their lives.&quot:

Right now, he’s making about 10-thousand biscuits a day. His goal is to come up with a couple more flavors and develop dog food, made from local ingredients.

And his dog Baxter will be happy to serve as a taste tester in product development.

Sharon Pelletier, WABI-TV5 News, Stockton Springs.&gt:

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