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Detailed information on basic to upscale bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects, plus many more improvement project breakdowns are at




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– Do you have friends who have done some changes in their home Maybe you could trade skills and help both of you get more things done! – Large stores such as Home Depot offer classes on tiling, window installation and other helpful skills. The classes are free. My brother installed new windows throughout his house only taking classes at Home Depot. For more detailed information on using power equipment, you could take the classes that are offered at adult education at your local school or the vocational school. If you are new at this, and many things my husband and I do we are trying for the first time, do it well or the room will look bad. Finish the details to have a professional look in your room.- You might only need to update the knobs to make the room look updated. Think of staining or painting, maybe adding molding to update a cabinet even more. Compare cabinets in magazine pictures or home improvement TV for ideas for your room.- I notice this a lot, where we make changes to many areas but leave the 1980’s brass lighting. Paint old brass lighting black or use a paint with an faux metal finish, such as pewter, for an inexpensive change. – changing any wallpaper with a clean coat of paint can make a big change. But surfaces also are floors and counter tops in baths and kitchens. If you can do granite or solid surface material that upgrade is considered the best, but using larger tiles, such as floor tiles, can make less grout lines and will imitate the look like a solid surface. Stain resistant grout is now also available.