Market Turmoil 

Remember when your mother said,&quot:So would you jump off a bridgejust because everyone was doing it&quot: Don’t let emotions determine yournext steps. Here are some tips to help you survive the market turmoil:

Take a deep breath and remember your goals.

Getback to basics. Schedule a meeting with your financial advisor torevisit your retirement plan in case temporary changes are necessary.

Make sure that your asset allocation actually matches your risk tolerance and income needs.

Don’t use emotions to make decisions: Don’t sell when the market is low. Invest logically and rationally.

Create a budget and stick to it. Remember to take advantage of senior specials.

Take care of yourself, which can help keep long-term health care costs down.

Consider delaying large purchases, if funded by investments that must be liquidated, until the economy improves.

Ifyou are not spending all of your income, consider leaving it in theinvestments. Many experts remind us that downturns eventually turn up.If it is coming in as cash, consider investing it.

Since I have no fairy dust to remedy the present downturn, let’s hang on for the ride!

Indiscussing tips for retired people and their health, I’ve come upon afree guide from the State of Maine comparing costs for Medicaresupplement insurance that I think would be helpful:

Entitled &quot:A Consumer’s Guide to Medicare Supplement Insurance 2008&quot:


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