Sarah Palin Rallies in Bangor 

Republican candidate Sarah Palin spoke to a crowd of nearly six-thousand people inside a hangar at the airport.

There she told mainers they have a choice – and hopes they’ll take the McCain-Palin ticket to the top on November fourth.

Catherine Pegram reports.

nats of cheering as she walked in…

With a deafening cheer…


and a patriotic song …

&quot:And I’m proud to be an American&quot:

Vice Presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin walked into an airport hangar in Bangor and quickly connected with the crowd.

&quot:I feel like I’m at home because I see the Carhartts and the steel toed boots…&quot:

Palin talked to enthusiastic supporters about the value of their votes.

Maine is one of two states that splits its electoral votes by Congressional District and the McCain campaign hopes to win at least one of them.

&quot:And I am sure you all remember the saying as Maine goes, so goes the nation. Yes!&quot:

&quot:So I am here to ask you – are you ready to carry the state of Maine to victory!&quot:

Palin then turned to her running mate, John McCain – touting his military experience.

&quot:He knows how to win a wary and as the mother of one of the troops who’s serving in Iraq today, he’s exactly the kind of man I want as commander in chief.&quot:

Then she focused on the ticket’s top priorities – government reform and energy.

&quot:In our administration that will mean developing new energy sources. It means harnessing alternative sources like wind and solar and biomass and geothermal, those things that have been so richly blessed in our lands that we need to tap into.&quot:

Palin also resonated with mainers over gun rights, growing the economy and job creation.

In the end, she says, the country needs a president who’s ready to lead on day one.

&quot:We need a leader with experience and courage and good judgment and truthfulness and a bold plan to take this country in a new direction and we need John McCain.&quot:

Many in the crowd say they appreciate Palin’s straight talk and down-home attitude.

&quot:She touched on everything – education, the economy, energy.&quot:

&quot:Overall I was very impressed&quot:

&quot:I think that it was a good speech a rally speech. It was something to get the base going and I think that’s what we need in Maine.&quot:

&quot:I’m a mom of 5 so mom values are important to me so it’s really kind of neat to see that type of politician. And for her to come to Maine, we don’t get that opportunity that often so it really was an awesome thing.&quot:

Palin spoke to the crowd for about 30 minutes and then spent another half-hour shaking hands and signing autographs before taking off in her campaign plane.