Palin’s Maine Visit 

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin spoke about the role of government, gun rights and the promise of America in addressing thousands of people at a campaign rally for John McCain’s presidential campaign.

In a speech inside a hangar at the Bangor International Airport, the Alaska governor listed energy and government reform among her top priorities.

She said Thursday that the election is going to come down to what people believe, and that she and McCain believe in what Ronald Reagan believed in.

At the Thursday morning rally in Bangor Governor Sarah Palin took a dig at Senator Barack Obama’s smooth-style of rhetoric. &quot:Maine, it’s the difference on November 4th between just inspiring words and inspiring and trustworthy deeds. Maine, soon the choice will be yours to make. And I’m sure that you all remember the saying that ‘As Maine goes, so goes the nation.’ Yes. &quot:

McCain’s campaign has focused resources on northern Maine in hopes of coming away with at least one electoral vote on Election Day. The McCain-Palin ticket is hoping she will connect with voters in a region where hunting, fishing and snowmobiling are popular — just like they are in the governor’s home state.