Governor Sarah Palin sits down with TV5 for an exclusive interview 

We asked her about issues important to Mainers, including the upcoming heating season, the economy and job creation.

For many Mainers, the economic crisis can be boiled down to two words: heating oil. That’s where we started.

&quot:What will a McCain/Palin administration do to provide some immediate relief to those folks who need help right from January 20th right through April I’m living it, too, as governor of Alaska. Heating oil and energy costs are decimating our families’ budgets and our small businesses’ budgets.&quot:

Palin says if she and Senator John McCain are elected on November fourth, they’ll devote more money to the federal Low Income Heating Assistance Program or LIHEAP.

It’s one form of government assistance she strongly supports.

&quot:It makes sense to me to re-prioritize where some of the government expenditures are going today. To actually help the working class people who have paid their income taxes, it IS fair to get a share of that pack to pay for necessities like heating and being able to fuel up our vehicle so we can get to work…big picture, though–energy independence for America.&quot:

Palin is a proponent of drilling in Alaska and elsewhere in the U.S. she says wants Maine to reap some of the benefits.

Palin says, if elected, she and Senator McCain will make it a priority to tap domestic oil reserves, including those in Alaska and ship the fuel to the lower 48 states.

We also talked about job creation and about Palin’s ideas on how to best help states like Maine, where hundreds of manufacturing jobs are being lost each year.

&quot:Our ticket supports policies that will create jobs and get our economy back on track. Reducing taxes, reigning in government growth so our businesses and families can keep more of what they earn.&quot:

&quot:The other ticket though, is supporting higher taxes on hard working American families. Barack Obama has voted 94 times to increase taxes on families making $42,000 a year. His proposal includes a trillion dollars in new government spending. That kills jobs.&quot:

Palin says despite some predictions that Maine will go to Obama in November. She and McCain are committed to winning the state.

‘We’re going to do everything we can in this state to show people here we are listening, we care about the concerns they’re sharing with us and we promise to work for them to put government back on the side of the people in Maine.&quot: