Democrats Response 

Congressman Michael Michaud and other democrats gathered Thursday to say why they think Obama is the man for the job.

They say Obama will provide true economic relief for Maine families who are struggling during this financial meltdown.

They say he’ll fix trade policies, improve health care, create jobs and find new ways to provide clean energy.

This is what Representative Michaud had to say: &quot:That’s what Senator Obama will bring when he’s in the white house. A new direction, a change of where we’re going. Not only as far as policy wise, but a change as being able to sit down with republicans and democrats and say how can we best solve this problem. That’s what’s been missing the last eight years.&quot:

Hillary Roberts, a recent UMaine graduate also spoke, saying Obama has the best plan for providing heating assistance to mainers who are struggling to keep their homes warm.

Others said it was his economic plan and improvements to education that convinced them to vote for Obama.