Winterport Fire 

But members of the community are already stepping forward to help Cindy Hogencamp and her family.

Hogencamp was just returning home from breakfast when she saw fire engines at her house on North Main Road.

A Hampden Ambulance crew driving by about 11 o’clock noticed smoke coming from the roof and called for help.

Investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the fire.

The Fire Chief says it looks like it started in an area around the washer and dryer.

Hogencamp is now wondering how she’ll take care of her five children, ages 5 to 15. But she knows it could be worse.

Hogencamp just found out her 10-year-old daughter needs open heart surgery next summer.

A friend who lived in the house with the family also lost everything.

Word about the fire spread quickly through town.

The Neally’s Corner Church donated $200 dollars on the spot to help Hogancamp buy clothes and a friend has offered the family a place to stay.

Hogencamp is an Assistant Manager at the &quot:On the Run&quot: Convenience Store in Winterport.

Co-workers are already collecting money for her with a donation jar.

They’re also working to open a bank account for contributions.