Tough Economy Means Fewer Seasonal Workers 

Kittery Trading Post, reflecting the

uncertainty of current economic times, expects to hire only half as

many workers as it did last year for the holiday shopping season.

Fox Keim, vice president for hunting and fishing at Kittery

Trading Post, said employers walk a fine line because they don’t

want to make promises to people and then let them go.

Kittery Trading Post has 400 or so year-round workers and

brought on roughly 70 seasonal workers last fall.

Other retailers also are expected to make do with less holiday


With 4,000 year-round workers in Maine, L.L. Bean is one of the

state’s largest employers and relies heavily on seasonal help to

fill holiday orders. After hiring 7,000 workers last fall, this

season it’s bringing on 5,400 – a 23 percent reduction.

Company spokeswoman Carolyn Beem said Bean’s expects &quot:a tough

fourth quarter, as well as going into the spring.&quot: