Maine Housing Market 

Across the country, pending sales rose 7.4% from July to August.

The National Association of Realtors says actual sales, along with prices, are still down.

In Maine, home sales across the state dropped almost 33% from August of last year.

The median sales price also dipped nearly 8%, but local realtors say that’s not all bad.

Bob Norris, the president of Prudential Northeast Properties, say buyers looking for retirement property, to move into a bigger home or buy their first home, should take advantage the market. According to Norris, &quot:It’s a great time to buy. It’s probably the best time that there’s been in 10 years, and and probably the best time to buy right now than it’s going to be for the next ten years.&quot:

Earl Black, the president of town and country realtors, believes more people will get back into buying when the financial markets stabilize.

Norris believes the Maine market is already near rock bottom and predicts it will start to turn itself around in the next six to eight months.