Art for the Sky on Indian Island 

Daniel Dancer is one of the most requested artists in the united states.

He’s spent the past week working on a special piece of art, with help from some students and faculty at the indian island school.

&quot:I’m part Native American. I have a little Mohawk in me, so when I’m doing a Native American project, I can take it to another level.&quot:

Dancer lined students and faculty, dressed in blue, from the Indian Island School beneath a design he created.

Then he was lifted up high, by an Old Town Fire Department Ladder truck, where he took photographs and videos of his creation.

The design was of a Native American in an ancient Birch Bark canoe, paddling along the river. The students and faculty represented the river.

Dancer’s final depiction was unveiled at a special assembly at the school on Tuesday.

He says he hopes people look at his art and realize how inter-connected everything is, and how people should care for the Earth.

You can find more of Dancer’s art online at his website,