Governor King on Energy in Maine 

Governor King told the crowd he’s on a waiting list for a hybrid vehicle, and that’s a place where he’d like to see more Mainers.

He says investing in alternative energy sources is essential in our state, and that’s why he says he’s supporting Obama’s energy plan…which includes a short-term $500-per-adult/$100-per-family rebate to help with costs this winter.

The funds would come from a tax on oil companies.

King says he also supports Obama’s long term strategy that includes hybrid automobiles, wind power and solar power to move away from our dependence on oil.

Since Maine is one of the most oil-dependent states, he says it’s a move we need to start making.

Folks who came are tired of paying so much to heat their homes and say they were ready to hear about alternatives.

TV5 also talked with representatives from the McCain campaign.

Jeff Grappone says Obama’s approach to energy is in stark contrast to McCain’s plan, which includes expanded offshore drilling, nuclear and clean energy sources.