Record Back in Blue 

Trooper Derrick Record is back on the job after State Police say his actions were justified.

On August 4th Record responded to a call at John Sullivan’s home on Main Street in Albion.

A neighbor had called police, claiming the 34-year-old man had beaten his wife, and was armed with a shotgun.

Record was the first to arrive on scene.

Police say Sullivan was carrying a gun, and a confrontation between the two men broke out.

Sullivan was shot during the standoff.

He died from his wounds in an ambulance.

State Police Lieutenant Colonel Bob Williams told DT5 that after reviewing the case, Record did exactly what he was trained and expected to do in the situation that he faced.

&quot:He’s doing fine. Like anything, I think sometimes people forget police officers are human and they have to deal with taking a life like anybody else who may have killed somebody. He has dealt with that.&quot: Williams said on Wednesday. &quot:He’ll never forget it, it’ll always be part of his life.&quot:

Record has been back in the field since September 8th, which Williams says gave him adequate time to deal with anxieties related to the shooting.

But this is not the final word in the case. The Attorney General’s office continues to investigate whether or not the shooting was justified.