Captain Greenlaw Arrested in Canada 

A world-famous fisherman from Maine faces charges in Canada following her arrest for allegedly fishing illegally inside Canada’s 200-mile limit.

Linda Greenlaw, a commercial fisherman and best-selling author, was led into court in Newfoundland in handcuffs on Friday following her arrest.

The 47-year-old Greenlaw was made famous in the book &quot:The Perfect Storm&quot: about a 1991 storm that sank a Massachusetts fishing boat with all hands on board.

Officials say Greenlaw was arrested after a fisheries patrol plane spotted her boat, Sea Hawk, fishing inside Canadian waters.

At the time of the arrest, an American television crew was on board filming for an upcoming network TV series.

Greenlaw is the author of several books about life as a commercial fisherman, including &quot:The Hungry Ocean&quot: and &quot:All Fishermen Are Liars.&quot: