Stonington Lobsterman and Son Lose Licenses 

The answer could cost a Stonington lobsterman and his father their licenses.

Chris Gray and his father Paul were charged with falsifying log books that are required by the state under the Apprenticeship Program.

They paid their fines but now the Department of Marine Resources is taking away both of their licenses for a year.

Paul Gray says his son mistakenly put down the wrong dates and never intended to give the wrong information.

He says the penalty is too severe. &quot:I’m already going to lose money for this fall and if I can’t get it reversed by the commissioner and lose next summer then I don’t know. It won’t be good.&quot:

Colonel Joe Fessenden with the Marine Patrol tells us the log books need to be accurate.

He says any violations are subject to license suspension but they don’t do that for something as simple as transposing a wrong date on the logs.

A hearing on the case has been set for next Tuesday.