Get Ready – Emergency Preparedness 

For a complete stockpile checklist:

The Maine Public Health Association is pleased to join together with our colleagues to present all-hazards preparedness materials to communities and families throughout Maine. The campaign, called Get Ready, originates from the American Public Health Association (APHA) and has been chosen by our state-wide team to implement in Maine. Get Ready emphasizes the simplicity of community-level and family preparedness with easy to use checklists, guides and even games for kids. All resources are free and copying/re-printing is encouraged.

According to the APHA, Americans are overwhelmingly unprepared for a public health crisis, stating that 87% of Americans would not be prepared if a public health crisis such as an infectious disease outbreak or disaster struck their communities the next day. While disasters such as Hurricane Katrina have raised awareness of the need to prepare, only 14% of Americans say that have adequate emergency supply of water, food and medication.
With your help, we can help Mainers Get Ready for all hazards. MPHA and our Get Ready team has prepared materials for you to distribute to your community however you see fit. Below please find several different pdf files geared toward families and individuals as well as a resource page with links to our website and many others for easy to find preparedness materials.
Though you and your organization may not be in the &quot:preparedness&quot: business, it will take a concerted effort by all us to ensure our friends, family and neighbors are ready when disaster strikes. Please consider using the enclosed materials to:

Bring to various fairs- health, job, student, etc.
Distribute through schools, PTOs, sports teams and teachers
Stuff neighbors mailboxes
Send out through your affiliate listservs and post on websites
Post/distribute at libraries, town hall, grocery stores, banks, gyms and anywhere else that families congregate.