Insurance Premiums 

The hospital’s contract with Anthem ends next Tuesday. About 6,000 patients will be affected.

Hospital officials say Anthem already pays less for their portion of patient care than any of the other insurance carriers they do business with, and they tell us Anthem now wants to triple their discount.

&quot:Tripling the discount would cost Maine Coast Memorial Hospital 2 point 6 million dollars..That’s just year one.&quot: Maine Coast Memorial’s chief financial officer Kevin Sedgwick told TV 5 on Monday. He went on to say that, &quot:With inflation, that would increase over time.&quot:

Maine Coast officials say the increase would force them to raise costs to uninsured patients, and those covered by other insurance companies.

They say that if a new contract isn’t worked out, the hospital will continue to care for Anthem patients, but those patients will be asked to pay a higher co-pay because the hospital will no longer be part of Anthem’s network.