EMMC Kitchen tour 

&quot:The kitchen is the heart of the home….going in to these kitchens you get a little peak in to perhaps a home you’ve always wanted to see.&quot:
For the last three years, the EMMC Auxiliary has hosted a kitchen tour, to raise money for Cancer Care of Maine….
They’re getting ready to do it again…..
&quot:We have six kitchens in the Bangor area that people who have tickets to go on the tour, will go in to those kitchens and just take a brief tour of the kitchens.&quot:
&quot:Some folks are getting ready to build a home, so they like to take a look at some of our new homes, some of the folks are renovating homes, and we have some kitchen renovations as well.&quot:
Kitchen tour chairperson, Cindy Curran, says this year’s proceeds will go to help cancer care build a cancer center in Brewer…..
&quot:As we all know, we have friends, neighbors, relatives that have been affected by cancer, and unfortunately, this area has a large need for the cancer center.&quot:
&quot:I got hooked on the kitchen tour a couple of years ago, and going on this and having the opportunity to see other people’s kitchens inspired us when we built our home.&quot:
Homeowner Anne-Marie Knowles will have her kitchen featured in this year’s tour…
She says it’s something a lot of people look forward to each year…..
&quot:I think its always been a really fun day, and you know that you’re giving to such a worthwhile cause, and it just inspires you to get out there and do it.&quot:

&quot:There are different kitchens every year, so even if you’ve come on the tour previously, you’ll want to come again this year.&quot:
The kitchen tour is scheduled for Saturday October 4th…..Tickets go on sale September 20th….
For more information about the EMMC Auxiliary Kitchens Tour, you can log on to EMMCAUXILIARY.ORG.