Brewer Vote on Backyard Fires 

Your backyard fire pit might be in jeopardy in the city. On Tuesday night, the Brewer City Council voted on a measure that would ban people from having small fires in outdoor fireplaces or grills, except if they were cooking.

The vote was 3 to 2, so the issue is still under debate.

This all started back in May, when a man complained to the council that his neighbor was burning illegal items in his fire pit. That brought them to review their open-burning rules.

Some people say it’s the wording of the new amendment that’s caused debate.

The amendment is supposed to stop people from burning trash or having big bonfires that are dangerous or annoying to neighbors, it is not meant keep them from enjoying contained, backyard fireplaces.

Councilor Michael Celli told us he loves his backyard fire pits, and he’s confident they’ll figure out a way to please both sides.

&quot:We just need to make sure we’ve spoken with our lawyers and our Fire Chief and make sure that we’ve got the wording down correctly to where we’re not outlawing, or dictating to people how they spend their time in their backyards.&quot: Celli also says he worries the fire department would have to spend too much time dealing with people’s backyard fire pits, when they have bigger issues to deal with.

The city council will readdress the topic in October.