Auclair Verdict 

A jury in Penobscot County Superior Court in Bangor returned two verdicts on Tuesday in the trial of John Auclair.

The charges stem from an incident back in in October of 2007 when, prosecutors say, Auclair sexually assaulted a woman.

On Tuesday, the jury reviewed testimony from an emergency room nurse who examined the victim. A few minutes of private deliberations later, they returned with the split verdict: not guilty of class A gross sexual assault, but guilty of class B gross sexual assault.

&quot:I think the other thing that helped us a lot was the defendant had given two statements.&quot: Deputy District Attorney Mike Roberts told TV5 Tuesday. &quot:One in a phone call that the victim made to him, that he didn’t realize was being recorded, in which he denied that anything happened. Then a week later gives an interview with police where he gives a number of different stories. Rather than being a ‘he said she said,’ this was a ‘she said, he said, he said, he said.’&quot:

Family and friends of the defendant were visibly upset after the verdict was read in court.