Governors Converge 

Protesters were also on hand Monday: concerned about what leaders from the two nations will be talking about.

People were outside protesting even before the first official meeting of the New England governors and eastern Canadian Premiers conference

&quot:We’re very concerned that many of the key pieces of the conference-expanding the energy infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, talking about environmental laws will have a direct impact on the public and the public needs to be included in these discussions not just the business leaders who stand to profit.&quot: So said Hillary Lister of the Atlantica Watch. Atlantica is one of the protesters’ primary concerns .

&quot:Atlantica is a NAFTA style free trade agreement &quot: Lister explained. &quot:One of the goals of Atlantica is harmonizing regulations which basically means regulations in this case around energy operations decisions would be made on a regional level.&quot:

&quot:A number of towns up the coast have rejected LNG terminals out of concern it would impact the fishery and the waterways, the way of life in the area. A lot of representatives of the LNG companies want to eliminate the ability of towns to be able to vote on these sorts of decisions.&quot:

&quot:Although this isn’t an Atlantica specific meeting I think the reality is that when you get the premieres of eastern Canadian provinces and New England governors together along with some business corporate elites Atlantica is on the agenda whether it’s specifically outlined or not.&quot: