Fatal Boat Crash 

A blood sample was taken from Robert Lapointe three hours after the crash. It registered at 0.11.

Chemist Steve Pierce testified at Lapointe’s trial on Monday, and said Lapointe’s was more likely 0.15, or about twice the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle in Maine.

Lapointe’s lawyer questions the accuracy of the test because the blood sample remained in a Warden’s vehicle for more than thirty hours.

But Pierce testified preservatives were put in the blood sample to ensure accuracy of the test.

The state claims that Lapointe was drunk at the time of the crash. Lapointe’s lawyer says he was sober.

Lapointe and his passenger were thrown into the water and managed to swim ashore.

Two people in the boat Lapointe crashed into, a man from Naples and a woman from Berwick, were killed.