Stolen Pot 

But some of those patients say law-enforcement officials aren’t protecting their rights.

Don Larouche, from Madison, was diagnosed with glaucoma two years ago.

In may, Larouche’s doctor gave him paperwork with a professional opinion suggesting marijuana may help with his pain.

Over the weekend, Larouche called local police to report that his two pot plants that he’d been growing in his backyard had been stolen.

Larouche feels the madison police chief has disregarded his case.

Madison Police Chief, Barry Moores told TV-5 that, quote, &quot:I believe the media has blown this story out of proportion. I ask myself the question of whether we should be using taxpayer dollars to find someone’s marijuana.&quot:

Larouche, estimates the two plants would have given him about a two month supply.

Larouche says a solution to the problem would be for the state to build a facility to grow plants for patients.