Protestors Promote Unionization 

A group called Food and Medicine is supporting the Employee Free Choice Act. Members say it will help protect workers rights.

The group says people have been hearing a lot of misinformation about the issue and it’s time to set the record straight.

Members say it’s important for workers at Wal*Mart and other non-union companies to be able to form unions so they can negotiate for better deals with their employers.

&quot:It’s important because we stand for rights and protection and democracy in America.&quot: Said University labor educator Bill Murphy on Thursday. &quot:And we have democracy through the political process. It’s also important to have it on the job. And organizing a union provides workers with that important opportunity.&quot:

The group also delivered petitions to Senator Susan Collins’ office asking her to support the Employee Free Choice Act.

Organizers of the protest say she supported a filibuster on the act and is now echoing the lines of the current anti-union ads.

They’re urging her to change her position.