Maine Remembers 

Governor Baldacci ordered all flags to be lowered to half staff in honor of the fallen.

Members of Maine’s Fire and Police Departments also found their own way to honor the victims and the heroes who tried to save them.

The tolling of the bells was part of a ceremony at the Bangor Fire Department to remember and honor the public safety people who made the ultimate sacrifice during the events of 9/11.

Local public safety officials also talked about where they were when the news reached them on that day seven years ago, and what the day means to them.

&quot:The events of 9/11 really made us prouder to be in law enforcement, in public safety… It made us stronger.&quot: Said Bangor’s Chief of Police Ron Gastia following the ceremony. &quot:It actually made me believe more in what I was doing.&quot:

There are several Maine connections to the attack.

Several of the hijackers gained entrance to the U.S. via border crossings here in Maine. And some made stops in Bangor on their way South.

Two of the hijackers spent the night in South Portland before boarding a flight at Portland Jetport that took them to Boston. From there, they boarded a connecting flight that they flew into the World Trade Center.

Two of the victims on one of the planes that hit the towers were from Lubec.