Car Crash in Etna 

The driver of the truck the group was riding in lost control on the interstate in Etna, and the pickup wound up in the trees along the side of the highway.

It happened around 2:30 Thursday afternoon in the southbound lanes of I-95.

Police say that four people from Canada were in a pickup truck hauling a camper when their peaceful journey south turned into a real nightmare.

&quot:They explained while they were in the passing lane trying to pass a truck, that the truck trailer: the camper trailer, began swaying on them, and that forced the driver to lose control of the truck.&quot: Sergeant Mark Brooks of the Maine State Police told TV5 on Thursday.

Several people who witnessed the crash stopped to help.

Two of the people involved were brought to the hospital to be checked out for relatively minor injuries including possible broken bones.

The other two escaped with scrapes and bruises.