Taxes on the Rise in Winslow 

Winslow is in the process of re-calculating the value of properties in the area. The town has brought in a group called Vision Appraisal, out of Massachusetts, to help with the appraisals.

The figures that folks from Vision Appraisal have been coming up with have many property owners worried about how they’re going to afford their taxes.

Brad Whitaker, president of the Pattee’s pond association, owns a sixth of an acre on the pond.

He says in 2002, the land was valued at $12,600. This year, its appraised value has jumped to more than $84,000.

The increase seems to be the case all along the waterfront.

Luigi Giordano’s family has been running Giordano’s market and campground on the shores of Pattee’s pond for over 20 years.

He says the value of the 15 acres his family owns has more than doubled to $1,100,000.

Giordano says between the property taxes, and the price of everything else on the rise, its hard to figure how anyone will be able to afford to keep their land.

The folks from Vision Appraisal will be on hand to explain things at a meeting in Winslow Wednesday night.

TV-5 will keep you updated on the details from that meeting.