Hanna Damage in Acadia 

Park rangers say heavy rain over the weekend washed away entire sections of the Seal Cove Road in Southwest Harbor, and an area near Schooner Head in Winter Harbor.

It also damaged carriage roads and hiking trails within the park.

Officials say they are working to reopen everything as quickly as possible.

&quot:It did a lot of damage.&quot: Park Ranger Richard Rechholtz told TV5 on Tuesday. &quot:Other storms we’ve had a lot of wind damage and trees come down but this with the amount of rain in a short time a lot of erosion , a lot of wash outs, a lot of damage.&quot:

Park rangers say they will need to rebuild several sections of the Seal Cove Road.

They are still assessing the damage to some carriage trails and fire roads, Though many have already been reopened.

Others will be opened as soon as they are deemed safe.

Visitors can get the latest on what has been reopened by calling 288 3338 extension 0 for information.