Donated Firewood 

The cost of seasoned firewood in Maine has jumped roughly fifty percent from a year ago, but it remains a relative bargain when compared with heating oil, which is nearly $2 per gallon more than last year.Still there are people who won’t be able afford to heat their homes with wood this winter.It’s why a group has stepped up to donate firewood to those who need it most. Adrienne Bennett has the story. THEY ARE CUTTING,SPLITTING, AND SWEATING – ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE. AS MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE FIGURING OUT WAYS TO HELP FELLOW MAINERS MAKE IT THROUGH THE WINTER BY SETTING UP FUNDRAISERS TO PAY FOR HEATING OIL – THIS GROUP OF GUYS DOESN’T WANT TO SEE ANYONE FALL THROUGH THE CRACKS…”there are people out there that don’t use oil.” DAN DAVIES IS A SARGEANT FOR THE KENNEBEC SHERIFF’S OFFICE, IN FACT ALL OF THESE MEN ARE IN LAW-ENFORCEMENT. DAVIES ADMITS, WHEN YOU RUN INTO ONE OF THEM YOU MAY BE HAVING A BAD DAY…”this is an opportunity for us to reach out as people, you know, fellow community members.” DAVIES, ALONG WITH 23 OTHERS ARE PART OF THE THOMAS F. MALLOY FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE LODGE IN AUGUSTA. PART OF THE GROUPS MISSION IS TO GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY, BUT DAVIES SAYS THEY’RE NOT IN IT FOR THE RECOGNITION. IN FACT, DAVIES IS THE ONLY ONE WHO AGREED TO GO ON CAMERA. “it’s a really good feeling to give back to the people who basically pay our salaries.” NEARLY 2-THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR THE WOOD IS COMING FROM THEIR POCKETS…10 CORD WAS SOLD TO THE MEN AT A REDUCED RATE, WHILE A PULP TRUCK AND SECURE LOCATION TO STORE IT WAS DONATED. THE FIREWOOD WILL BE GIVEN TO FOLKS WHO NEED IT MOST IN KENNEBEC COUNTY, KEEPING A CLOSE EYE ON WHO IT’S DELIVERED TO. “I know there are situations where you have pride in the elderly and they don’t want to ask for assistance so to extend if anyone has a neighbor, family member or friend that’s in a situation please, please, please give us a call. It’s the least we can do.”THEIR WAY OF SAYING THANK YOU TO A COMMUNITY THAT HAS SUPPORTED THEM. If you would like more information on how to apply for the free firewood please call Dan Davies at 485-1061. Davies says, if there are elderly folks who are in need of the wood, they will deliver and stack the wood at their home as well. Once again, call Dan Davies at 485-1061.