Seamore Gorilla Found in Vermont 

Seamore the gorilla is an eight-fool tall robotic ape who’s been a popular fixture at Sandy’s Sales on Route 1 in East Machias. He was stolen from the store front last week.

Seamore’s creator, Ken Booth, is a friend of store owner Sandra Miller. Booth heard that the primate had gone missing, and posted a plea on

He offered a $500 reward for it’s safe return, and any information that would lead to the culprit’s conviction or arrest.

That’s when things got weird, as the culprit sent Booth a video response, which showed a hooded man, a sock puppet, and the ape.

Miller contacted authorities, and the gorilla was later discovered in a Vermont corn field.

It was taken to the state police barracks in Vermont, where it’s waiting to come home.

News of the missing gorilla spread internationally, as thousands of media outlets picked up the story.

Miller says she’s just glad to know Seamore has been found, and is trying to organize a ride home for the gorilla.

Miller says police are confident they are closing in on the ape-napper, too. Anyone with information about the theft can contact Sandy’s Sales at 255-2471.