Machete Wielder to Appear in Court 

Police in Piscataquis County say a feud over land was at the core of the fight between the two men.

61-year-old Francis Henry of Norridgewock was arrested on Friday and taken to the Piscataquis County Jail. He’s accused of threatening David Surprenant with a machete.

Authorities say Henry thought Surprenant’s boats were illegally docked at the public landing in Chesuncook. So he took pictures of those boats.

Then Henry saw Surprenant and his two sons at a nearby gravel pit.

A confrontation ensued.

Henry claims Surprenant unclipped a pistol from his holster. Surprenant claims Henry waved a machete at him.

No machete was found, but Surprenant says he caught the incident on tape, and has turned it over to police.

Authorities say the two men have been arguing for years in a dispute over where the main road should be located.