Fatal Shooting Investigation 

Early last month, 34-year-old Johnathan Sullivan was shot by trooper Derrick Record.

Police documents requested through the freedom of information act show that Record was reprimanded in 2003 for making a false arrest using inappropriate law-enforcement powers.

He was suspended for a day and required to apologize to the individual he arrested.

Records also show that thefollowing year Record was againsuspended, this timefor eight days for using unnecessary force at the Franklin County Correctional Institute.

Lieutenant Jim Luce, head of state police internal affairs, won’t comment on specifics, but says post incident reviews are done and the history of the trooper in questionis looked at.

A spokesperson at the Attorney General’s office says Record’s history will not be taken into account with the current investigation into the Albion shooting.

TV-5 contacted Record’s attorney, Bill McKinley, who says Record is entitled to his right to privacy. However, McKinley went on to say the records do speak for themselves.

Record remains on paid leave until the investigation is complete.