Millinocket Mill 

The Katahdin paper company has halted production, making it’s last ton of paper Tuesday morning.

Company officials have been talking about closing the mill for some time, due to high oil prices. They say it’s simply become too expensive to run the mill.

Now, the company will prepare to lay off more than 200 workers.

Spokesman Glenn Saucier says workers will spend the next few days cleaning the mills paper machine and putting it into preservation mode so it will be ready to go when production resumes.

Some of the union workers who have seniority will be able to bump less experienced employees at the sister mill in East Millinocket, but about 208 workers will still lose their jobs.

Those layoffs could begin as soon as Monday.

There has been talk of finding another way to operate the mill which would be less expensive.

Some town councilors have also been talking about using eminent domain to seize the mill, but Gov. Baldacci says eminent domain should only be used when absolutely necessary.

He hopes to work with the company to find a way to resume production and keep the workers on the job.