DHHS Cuts 

Maine care funds have been cut significantly, reducing the money assisted living homes get paid to hold rooms for residents who are in the hospital or away at rehabilitation.

The state had been paying about $100 a day per person to hold beds.

Richard Erb, Maine Health Care Association president, says that will drop to $20 per day, with a 30 day limit.

The new rules set by the Department of Health and Human Services state that after 30 days, nothing will be paid out.

Erb says it could have a ripple effect: &quot:People who are unable to return to their bed may get backed up in nursing homes and that may have an impact on the hospitals as the system starts to break down it effects more than one level of care.&quot:

Matthew Walters, who runs Woodlands Assisting Living, says with more than 50% of residents on maine care, the reduced reimbursements by the state will force them to take a hit of at least $60,000 per year.