Perfect Found 

Peter Perfect and his daughters were located late Wednesday night at Peter’s brother’s home in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

We’re told that all three are okay, and that the girls are now in the custody of that state’s child welfare division.

6-year-old Aleah and 2-year-old Amara Perfect were last seen with Jodie Perfect’s soon-to-be ex-husband at a church in Lincoln on Sunday.

Jodie was concerned about her daughters’ safety: so much so that Maine State Police issued a nationwide alert for the trio.

Two weeks ago, Jodie told Peter she was divorcing him. She says Peter was angry, and threatened to kill himself and the family.

State Police tell TV5 that Peter Perfect apparently made a phone call from Ohio, and that the phone number lead authorities to the missing family.

Peter Perfect has not been charged with any crimes, and was reportedly still at his brother’s home in Ohio as of Thursday morning.