Millinocket Getting Ready for Layoffs 

Company officials announced that they would shut down the mill indefinitely on or before September 2nd.

When hundreds of people lost jobs at the mill in 2003 I Care Ministries in Millinocket saw a huge upswing in demand at the food pantry.

Herschel Hafford says support flooded in from around the state, which helped them give food, clothing, and other support to people in need. He says they are ready, again, to help people who are losing jobs at the mill get back on their feet.

&quot:There will be some men who will just transfer from here to East Millinocket, but in the situation where there are younger families, or men with less seniority get bumped out of their position. I would expect to get a call from them.&quot: Hafford told TV5 on Wednesday.

Other organizations in the region say that they will also work to provide supplies and fuel to people in need throughout the winter.