Governor Reacts to Obama’s VP Choice 

Maine Gov. John Baldacci hails Sen. Joe

Biden as a ticket-helping talent who would serve well as a sounding

board in a Barack Obama White House.

Baldacci, who originally supported Sen. Hillary Clinton for the

Democratic presidential nomination but has since endorsed Obama,

said Saturday that Biden’s background in international affairs make

him a valuable addition to the Democratic team.

&quot:I like him. I like his style,&quot: said Baldacci, who heads to

the Democratic National Convention in Denver on Sunday.

Baldacci called Biden &quot:somebody who’s going to be able to give

(Obama) good advice and counsel.&quot:

As Republicans panned the selection, Maine GOP Chairman Mark

Ellis issued a statement saying it &quot:reflects concern even within

Obama’s own campaign about whether he’s ready to be president.&quot: