Curve Street Gunfire 

Robert Smith is charged with criminal threatening with a weapon.

Police arrested Smith around 10:00 p.m. Wednesday outside his apartment on 4th Street.

About at hour earlier, police received a number of 911 calls about a possible shooting in an apartment on Curve Street, near the Bangor Federal Building.

Police are trying to piece together what happened, but they say it appears Smith showed up at the apartment and a fight broke out.

Smith is accused of firing off a handgun at least once.

The bullet didn’t hit anyone, but a man who knows Smith was treated for a minor head injury because of the fight.

Smith appeared in court Thursday afternoon, where bail was been set at $1,000 cash.

Detective Sargent Kenison says the district attorney could also file an assault charge against Smith.

He’s due back in court in about a month.