Beverage Tax 

This after, the Secretary of State validated more than seventy thousand signatures to push a referendum question on November’s ballot.

The coalition, fed up with taxes got enough names put the repeal idea to voters.

Last April the legislature approved the tax increase to bolster funding for Maine’s state-run Dirigo Health program. But the opposition is firing back.

The Maine Medical Association backs the new tax.

Executive Vice President, Gordon Smith says this is a healthcare referendum not a tax issue. &quot:I don’t understand why it’s supported by so many to tax cigarettes because of the harm they do to healthcare costs in the state to say nothing about the human toll it takes, yet at the same time turn a blind eye to alcohol and soda pop. We don’t get that.&quot:

&quot:The fact is no one’s going to lose their healthcare as a result of this. This is about the existing tax burden that Maine people are paying to fun all programs,&quot:said Newell Augur, Chairmanof Fed Up With Taxes.

If voters repeal the tax, it would still allow Dirigo Healthcare to take 5-million from the state’s tobacco settlement money and borrow three-point six million from the state general fund.