Rope Exchange 

A new regulation will soon take effect that requires fishermen to switch from floating rope currently in use, to sinking rope.

The law is aimed at protecting whales that could get entangled in the ropes.

Officials say it will cost fishermen thousands of dollars to make the conversion.

With the new program, fishermen can exchange their rope for vouchers that will help pay for the more expensive sinking rope.

&quot:We’re helping to ease the pain of having to make that transition from a rope they know works for them versus a rope they are not sure will work for them, at least not the way they fish now.&quot: Project Manager Erin Pellitier told TV5 Thursday.

Organizers say they have a limited amount of money, so it’s important for fishermen to take part as soon as possible.

The next rope exchange will be in Rockland on September 10th and 11th.

Fishermen must pre-register for the exchange.

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