Police Seek Aid in Theft 

Authorities say thieves hit the Palmyra Variety Store on Main Street twice Saturday night.

It’s believed that the culprits absconded with over ten thousand dollars worth of cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and lottery tickets.

The thieves also hit an office at Creative Home Builders, just down the road from Palmyra Variety. They stole tools from that building.

Lois Bowden has owned Palmyra Variety for the past seven years. She says that while there is a security system at her store, the criminals were somehow able to get around it.

&quot:We have them on camera, but you know, when they got masks and hoods…&quot: Bowden lamented. &quot:And right now, they’re copying it off so I can give it to the State Police…so, hopefully, they can pick up something.&quot:

Bowden says this is the first time a theft of this magnitude has happened at the store.

State police say they are working to track down the culprits, but do not have any suspects at this time.

Anyone with information about the thefts is asked to call State Police at 624-7000.