Dixmont Stabbing 

One man was sent to the hospital with superficial stab wounds after he went to a home on Route 143 in Dixmont to do some work.

Sheriff’s Deputies tell TV5 the man was hired by the home’s owner who was not home at the time.

When the worker arrived he found three young men at the home… men, he did not expect to find there.

TV5 was told that the young men are the sons and friends of the home owner’s girlfriend, who were given permission to stay at the home. But not knowing that, the worker confronted the boys and was stabbed.

According to Sheriff’s Deputies, &quot:The employee was doing yard work in the back. He came down and told the three to leave. They got into a verbal altercation and then it turned physical. And, the man was stabbed.&quot:

Sheriff’s Deputies do not believe the man’s wounds to be serious.

No arrests have been made. The investigation is ongoing.