Baden Agrees to Perform McLain Autopsy 

The mother of a teenage girl who

was murdered 28 years ago in East Millinocket says a renowned

pathologist will lend his expertise to efforts to find the killer.

Pamela McLain says Dr. Michael Baden, the chief forensic

pathologist for the New York State Police, has agreed to exhume the

body of Joyce McLain and perform a second autopsy.

Joyce McLain, a 16-year-old sophomore at Schenck High School,

was killed around the night of Aug. 8, 1980, and her body was found

two days later in a clearing near the school’s soccer fields. Her

head and neck had been struck repeatedly with a blunt object.

A grass-roots organization, The Justice For Joyce Committee, has

raised more than $18,000 to cover Baden’s expenses, transportation

of the remains, re-interment costs and legal fees.