Weight Watchers 

It’s the start of fair season in Maine and everybody knows that a
major part of going to the fair is the food! What does that mean to
you if you’re trying to manage your weight Jackie Conn from Weight
Watchers is here with some tips for how to enjoy food and weight
control all at the same time!

One trip to the fair can easily add an extra 1000 or more calories to
your day! Part of the fun is the food and you can’t escape it! it’s
everywhere and the smells of some of those deep-fried fair favorites
are stronger (and definitely more delicious) than the smells coming
from the livestock barns! But don’t think you have to steer clear of
the fairs altogether or go, but not indulge. You can have a &quot:planned

Here’s how:
1) Eat a filling, low calorie breakfast such as oatmeal and fresh fruit
2) Get your &quot:walk&quot: on
3) Three bites!
4) Plan ahead – know the calories for your favorites (check the WABI website)

Classic Corndog:375 calories and 21 grams of fat
Fried Snickers: 444 calories and 29 grams (g) fat
Fried Twinkie: 420 calories/34 g fat
Funnel cake: 760 calories/44 g fat
Twinkie Dog Sundae: 500 calories/14 g fat
Cotton candy: 171 calories/0 fat
Fried cheesecake (6 oz.): 655 calories/47 g fat
Foot-long hot dog and bun: 470 calories/26 g fat
Giant turkey leg: 1,136 calories/54 g fat