Bear Killed in Bangor Neighborhood 

Some residents in Bangor awoke to quite a sight this morning — a 150 pound black bear somehow wandered into the Fairmount neighborhood.

Game wardens say they think the bear may have been disoriented when it wandered onto I-395 and then onto the Bangor Municipal Golf Course and then into the adjacent neighborhood.

Game Wardens shot and killed the bear after it climbed into a canoe and then onto a gas grill.

Wardens says no one was injured, but the possiblity was there.

Spokesperson Deborah Turcotte says folks need to be aware of nuisance animals this time of year.

Wardens urge residents to stay inside if they see a bear or other nuisance animal.

They also recommend putting away any bird feeders this time of year, because they will attract the animals.